Kitchen Network offers two facilities totaling over 55,000 square feet of commercial kitchen space. Whether at Kitchen Network Westwood or Kitchen Network Park Hill, members have access to a wide range of equipment, talent and support.


Located on Morrison Road in the heart of west Denver, this 12,000 square foot facility offers members access to 13 private kitchens, two shared kitchens and prep spaces. In operation for almost two decades, Kitchen Network Westwood has provided start-up and growth opportunities for some of Denver’s favorite food vendors and restaurants.

Park Hill at Mosaic Community Campus

Located in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood a stone’s throw from East Colfax , this 43,360 square foot facility is a kitchen incubator unlike any other. With a unique ability to provide workforce development in addition to being a traditional kitchen incubator, each of Kitchen Network Park Hill’s 13 kitchens is equipped as a classroom, providing unique flexibility to users. The facility also houses an on-site coffee shop and other food options open to the public.

Commissary is now open for all non-mobile businesses.

Food truck and trailer services coming soon!



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