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We Are Kitchen Network

Our expansive kitchens and unique peer network provide support and guidance for our members throughout their endeavor to create successful food ventures.

Our Mission

Kitchen Network is a nonprofit kitchen incubator empowering local food entrepreneurs by providing accessible and inclusive commercial kitchens, with support from a network of industry experts.


Being a member of Kitchen Network gives you access to multi-million dollar equipment which will allow you to grow your businesses much faster. This allows you to focus on what you are passionate about, and work with the Kitchen Network team to refine your business operations in preparation for the moment when you purchase your own space.


Kitchen Network brings together community-minded organizations in the food industry to create support in job training, research, development, and food production. In addition, we help with safety certifications, business development, and learning opportunities for members and the public.


At Kitchen Network we believe the sum is greater than its parts. This conviction supports our goal of fostering a welcoming and vibrant community full of bustling chefs, bakers, and staff all working together. Our inclusive environment ensures that there is always a helping hand or an ear for advice, 24/7. The “network” aspect of our brand name truly exemplifies the philosophy of our commissary kitchen.

Strong Community partnerships

Two facilities - East and West Denver

Dedicated support network

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Current Members

Food Trucks



Dedicated Staff


Dirt Coffee

The Kitchen Network is proud to welcome Dirt Coffee to the Park Hill facility. Learn how DIRT coffee employs and empowers neurodivergent individuals through workforce development programming.

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