Kitchen Network is Denver’s largest and longest-running commissary, incubating approximately 100 specialty food businesses each year. We offer private and shared kitchen space in two centralized locations. Above all, it is our knowledgeable team, full-time maintenance crew, and peer members that make Kitchen Network unlike any other kitchen incubator.

Our Values


We celebrate all cultures and backgrounds, everyone is welcome at Kitchen Network


We believe in affordable access to dependable equipment creates a stronger food system.


We welcome members from all backgrounds.


Success is earned, not given. Members have the opportunity to flourish at Kitchen Network. 

Our Team

Many on the Kitchen Network team are first or second-generation immigrants who share similar backgrounds with our members. With formal and informal expertise in the food industry, they bring a wealth of knowledge, insight, and guidance in food production and business development. While their backgrounds are varied, they share a common entrepreneurial spirit.

BuCu West

BuCu West is a respected 501(c)3 non-profit corporation with a mission to create destinations that promote and support entrepreneurs, small businesses, cultural organizations, and residents in authentic, energetic, and colorful environments. For over two decades, through extensive coalition-building and local community input, BuCu West has helped transform the Morrison Road Corridor from an area of neglect into a vital, neighborhood-supported commercial district through investment in local entrepreneurs, artists, youth, leaders, infrastructure, and heritage.

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Our History

The Kitchen Network started in 2004 in response to the needs of local food trucks and caterers. Over time, the operation has become the largest kitchen incubator in the state; providing options for businesses of all sizes. BuCu West began managing the Kitchen Network in 2016 as a means to work towards a more diverse and equitable food industry. Kitchen Network was formally purchased by the non-profit in 2018 and began expanding into the Park Hill community in 2021.


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